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Energy Drinks. Should You Worry?

The Scenario:  The hard clack of cleats echo about as your “little” sports hero rushes to get out of the house … soon to be late for practice. Armed with all they’ll need for a day in the sun, their equipment bag is packed and slung awkwardly over one shoulder, bursting at the seams with […]

Keeping Your Smile Youthful

Bright shiny white teeth make us appear younger while yellowish and stained teeth is one sure fire way to add years to our appearance. Simple steps to ensure you have your smile looking it’s best. Brushing – Sweeps away remnants of stain-causing food and drink.  Brush at least twice a day. Flossing – Cleans between […]

Winners – Dental Office Design of The Year

The National Dental Office Design Competition sponsored by the American Dental Association and Wells Fargo is more than gorgeous architecture and creative use of space.  It’s about getting inspired.  Dentists, Brett McRay and Heather Robbins took this inspiration to heart with their award-winning facility.  A fresh space tells your patients you are ahead of the curve.  A […]

Don’t Be So Sensitive!

If sipping or eating hot or cold food makes you “wince”, then you probably have “sensitive teeth”.  Sensitivity to temperature can have many causes including: Cavities Worn enamel Chipped or cracked teeth Tooth grinding Exposed roots If your teeth are causing you pain, we can find out why.  Treatment may include bite guards to intercept […]