Hand-held scalpels and drills are typically considered the go-to tools for many dental procedures, and while effective, they can lead to high levels of anxiety and discomfort in patients for understandable reasons. Dr. McRay and Dr. Robbins are happy to now offer state-of-the-art laser technology as an excellent alternative. Our soft tissue laser uses energy beams to treat damaged or decayed areas, resulting in a much smoother and successful experience overall. 

Laser dentistry equipment


Soft tissue lasers are extremely helpful in a variety of situations, including the treatment of periodontal disease and the removal of excess oral tissue to create a more balanced smile. Our team also relies on them to treat ulcers located within the mouth and destroy bacteria within gum pockets as effective protection against the threat of infection. With our soft tissue laser, we can produce such precise and comfortable results that many patients don’t even require stitches.


  • Any pain or discomfort that patients may experience is significantly minimized when using our advanced lasers. In fact, studies show that over 90% of patients who undergo these procedures don’t even require anesthesia. Better yet, the Food and Drug Administration has approved dental lasers as being safe for children and adults alike.
  • The conservative nature of laser treatment allows us to preserve as much healthy tooth and tissue structure as possible and better protect your natural smile.
  • The chances of significant bleeding and swelling after a laser-assisted procedure are greatly reduced, and the healing time usually shrinks considerably as well.
  • Your treatment with laser dentistry can be greatly simplified at our practice, allowing you to spend less time at appointments and more time doing the things you love with the people you love.