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COVID-19 Awareness and Assurance For You!

As we are currently coping with the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, it is important to know how we are following standard precautions to protect ourselves and our patients.

First, dental professionals are experts in universal precautions. Dentistry has been following universal health precautions for over 20 years.  As you are aware, we routinely take advanced measures by using top medical-grade antibacterial and antiviral agents to clean treatment rooms, instruments, and all devices and technology. Our sterilization center is state of the art.

To that end, we are following strict CDC and OSHA guidelines to ensure our hand hygiene is always a priority along with the routine use of personal protective measures (e.g. gloves, masks, and eyewear). Sharps safety and safe injection practices are in place as they always have been.

It is a fact that a dental practice can be the safest place to be in a pandemic. As bacteria is controlled in your mouth, it releases and enables your immune system to be at its best in fighting off other infectious outbreaks. Embrace your dental team as a resource for healthy measures and assurance.

As you already know, we offer one of the nicest and safest dental practices in all of Houston and are committed to being a resource as we always have to you and your family as we all tred the waters of uncertainty at this time.

We will provide the very latest in communication and all updates from our healthcare partners with the ADA and CDC as we learn them as well.

Please keep in touch as we are here for you!  We ARE OPEN and responding to our health officials to provide urgent essential and emergency dentistry to our current and new patients at this time.

You may use the SCHEDULE ONLINE link anytime:

We look forward to seeing you in the office soon.


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