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Suns Out… Visit Your Dentist This Summer!

After you slather on the sunscreen, make an appointment to brush up on the preventive dental services that keep you, and your family, smiling all year.

Preventive care appointments are generally easy and quick, so squeezing them in between pool parties and backyard barbecues is a breeze.



 All good dental care routines require regular trips to the dentist. These dental appointments remove plaque and tartar and check for cavities and gingivitis. If you don’t go to the dentist regularly, you could miss fixing problems before they are serious…and that can cost you.

The sun’s rays aren’t the only rays happening this summer. X-rays are an important part of your dental health; they help your dentist find cavities, wisdom teeth, bone loss, and jaw issues. X-rays show problems before symptoms start, which means they can be treated before the problem gets more serious.

Dental sealants are a plastic coating that is painted onto permanent teeth, usually the molars, to protect teeth from cavities. Brushing doesn’t reach all of the grooves on back teeth, which is where most cavities in children form. Sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of molar decay by 80%, one of the many reasons to consider sealants for children.

Put the spotlight on smiles this summer by scheduling your dental preventive care and visiting The Dentists at Houston Westchase 832-830-8226

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