Scare Away Those Cavities This Halloween…. BOO!

Halloween is around the corner, and it can be scary for parents to think about the amount of sugar that can creep in between their children’s teeth. Fortunately, there are ways to ward off the evil cavity spirits with these easy tricks for healthier teeth!

1) Trick-or-Treat On A Full Stomach

Before heading out, make sure your kids fill up on a healthy dinner. This will ensure they don’t overindulge and eat their candy while trick-or-treating.

2) Avoid Certain Types of Candies

Hard candy such as lollipops and sticky candies such as taffy or gummy bears are the worse for kids’ teeth. They are quite challenging to remove completely with brushing and can increase your child’s risk of tooth decay.

3) Limit The Amount of Candy

While it is hard to deny your kids candy after they have spent the whole night filling their bags with goodies, it is OK to set limits on how many pieces of candy they’re allowed to eat per day.

4) Floss Regularly

In addition to regular brushing, dental floss can really help clean in between the teeth where bacteria typically form.

5) Drink Fluoridated Water

Most drinkable tap water contains fluoride which is very safe and effective at preventing tooth decay. It is also usually free!

Most important… Schedule and maintain those routine dental exams and cleanings with your favorite dental office 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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