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Hexed By Halitosis

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can cause significant worry, embarrassment and anxiety

There are a number of potential causes for bad breath, but the vast majority come down to oral hygiene. 

After tooth decay and gum disease, bad breath is the third most common reason people seek dental care.

Lets take a look at some key points about bad breath:

  • Bad breath is estimated to affect 1 in 4 people globally
  • The most common cause of halitosis is bad oral hygiene
  • If particles of food are left in the mouth, their breakdown by bacteria produces sulfur compounds
  • There are a number of common causes of bad breath, including smoking, tooth decay and alcohol consumption
  • Keeping the mouth hydrated can reduce mouth odor
  • Rarer causes of bad breath include bowel obstruction, ketoacidosis and aspiration pneumonia
  • Crash diets can cause bad breath because of the build-up of ketones

The best method to reduce halitosis is regular brushing, flossing and hydration. Good oral hygiene ensures that cavities are avoided and reduces the likelihood of gum disease.

It is recommended that individuals visit the dentist for a check-up twice a year.

Your dentist may recommend a toothpaste that includes an antibacterial agent or an antibacterial mouthwash.

Alternatively, if gum disease is present, a professional gum treatment may be necessary to clear out the build-up of bacteria in pockets between the gums and teeth.

Do you think you might be “hexed by halitosis”?

Let our friendly Doctors help you find a solution, 832-830-8226.


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